Wednesday, October 18, 2017

jonesin' for st. paul

last friyay, T and i got to check out the newly-ish opened jones assembly to see st. paul and the broken bones. the space is primarily a restaurant and bar, however when they are featuring bands or musical guests, the space becomes an open, inside-outside concert venue. i'd heard great things about the restaurant itself, but i have to say, if you get the chance to go for a concert - do it! between the concert cocktails and food featured, the general atmosphere, and acoustics, it was amazing. 

plus, their walk-up food line for their concert menu was exactly the thing that had been missing from all concerts had in the past. i mean, who could say no to a funnel cake ice cream sandwich?!

[disco nap, and gin + soda]

[personal bonus: running into one of my all-time favorite people]

needless to say, st. paul and the broken bones put on one dynamite show. not only were we floored by the lead's incredible voice, but their tunes kept us boogieing all night. 

[the blurry ones are sometimes the best ones]

[funnel cake ice cream sandwich, i love you]

thanks to the jones for treating us to a friyay done right - we will most definitely be back. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

i do (celebrate)

[my gorgeous bouquet from T]

with our three year anniversary being in the middle of the week (last week), T and i decided to split up our celebrations. the first half would be celebrated with a concert by one of T's favorite bands, and the second half would be celebrated with the classic dinner date over the weekend.  

the night of our anniversary, we met up with some friends to see the kings of leon play. our group was a great mix of first time kol concert goers (me), and seasoned veterans (T). i was so excited to find out the opening act would be a band we saw earlier in the year - dawes. they put on such a great show the first time we saw them, so i couldn't wait to get a chance to hear them again.  

[the guys, minus tripp and rudy]

[dawes, i love you so much]

[waiting in between shows]

then, kings of leon came on and completely blew me out of the water. they put on such a good show, and i even shocked myself at how many songs i knew. plus, it was fun boogieing away with T and the guys. 

later that week, T and i got dolled up and set out for an indulgent treat of a dinner. everything about it, from the atmosphere, the service, the food...omg, the food (!!), the selection of wine we had, to just having a night alone tucked away in a booth with my husband was divine. i was a happy girl to say the least. 

[our champagne (rosé for T) toast]


[i will dream about this eggy bread pudding for awhile]

another great anniversary celebration in the books, and here's to many more :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

gals date

after a particularly difficult work week, what better way to hit the reset button then to have a little local date with my gal pal jana. she'd had a pretty rough week too, so our night out seemed to be the at the perfect timing. 

our most recent gals dates have had a reoccurring theme starting with pedicures for a little r+r, and some kind of asian-themed noodle for dinner. to keep with our pedi theme, we thought we'd try out the newly opened well beauty studio. their concept is to provide quality services with a thoughtful approach to green beauty aka no funny chemical smells, and products that truly benefit the skin. the added bonus was that one of our nail techs is an esthetician and gave us loads of great info on skincare. we loved our experience there.

[barn door inspiration]

[happy, and well-treated toes]

next stop, dinner over ramen and cocktails. we got to sample some of the new cocktails featured on goro's menu, and have some well-needed venting. between the amazing pedicure, and the conversation, by the end of the night, it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off of me. don't you just love how loved ones can do that? 

[cozy patio lounging]

[cocktail-ramen pairings]

[coconut and coffee + cream]

lastly, we took a walk through the plaza district to view some of the murals in progress for the upcoming plaza festival. the mural above was my personal favorite. 

perfectly reset and recharged, we were both ready to crack into our weekend plans. until our next gals date :)

Friday, October 6, 2017

year three

[post-you may now kiss the bride bliss]

year three. it feels like it has, and hasn't, been that long all at the same the best sense. to think of all the beautiful things T and i have shared in our relationship (good and hard) all started because a certain young baldy thought a certain young curly sue was cute...and he decided he wanted to ask her out. even looking at how different dating became during the time we dated to now, it is particularly endearing (to me) that we met how we did.   

i came across a quote the other day that perfectly encapsulated my feelings, and felt like sharing...
"time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity" - henry van dyke

happy anniversary T. you are my greatest sous chef, supporter, confidant, goof troop, movie marathon partner, workout pump bud, and most of all, my greatest love. te amo para siempre. 

[our first moments alone]

[find that one person you can be mutually weird with :)]

[mid-toast elation]

[first dance dip + smooch]

Monday, October 2, 2017

flirty thirty

a couple of saturdays back, T and i drove up to tulsa to celebrate our friend candace's 30th birthday. her rockstar of a husband decided to surprise her with a party bus filled with her closest friends to take us all out to some of her favorite watering holes. the look on her face when they pulled up to the parking lot...priceless!

[party favors]

[group shot]

[two of my favorites]

once we surprised the birthday girl, it was time to crank the tunes, pour some cocktails, and get to boogieing!  

[not the best photo, but the bday girl with her bff and her husband aka the party planners]

we drove around in the party bus for awhile before getting to our first stop: she theatre (a burlesque club). the group had such a great time dancing between sets, and watching the amazingly talented dancers. 

our second stop i forgot to snap a photo at/note the name of since i was too busy dancing (read: sweating) my little tail off ;) 

but, their 90s dance mix was pretty dynamite. then, our third and final stop, the majestic (aka my favorite t-town gay bar). cue more dancing, more singing, and more cheering to the birthday girl. 

[happy 30th!]

it was such a great night celebrating my fiery, dancing queen darling. welcome to the thirties! 

Friday, September 29, 2017

breath of life

last friday, T and i went to the cystic fibrosis foundation's breath of life gala to support our friends matt and julia. matt and julia's sweet son, owen, had been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis just a short time after his birth. and ever since his initial diagnosis, his parents, our dear friends, have been on the war path towards research in finding a cure for this disease. 

we'd been out to a couple cystic fibrosis walks with them to raise funds and support, but this was our first time to go to an event like this. to say we were excited to support our friends at this gala would have been a massive understatement.  

[the webbs]

[julia and i]

once we got checked in, and said our hello's, it was off to see the silent auction. between the autographed kings of leon guitar, artwork from a fellow cf warrior, and a corgi puppy, there were some seriously tempting auction goods. i'd be lying if i didn't try to tempt T with the puppy more than twice ;)

[catching up with this FL babe]

before the main auction commenced, we learned about several cf warriors who made an impact. these were (and are) individuals who either served as examples to fellow cf warriors of what living with cystic fibrosis could be like, or had helped serve as guinea pigs in drug trials for drugs that will soon help others. it was so moving to hear each of their stories, and left me feeling inspired by their strength in purpose. 

[adorable owen]

lastly, matt and julia came up to speak as the night's keynote speakers. as their friend, and another cf supporter in the crowd, it was so moving to hear them speak as people and as parents about their experience. with further research and funding, hopefully one day soon, cf can finally stand for cure found. 

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