Friday, March 16, 2018

in between

[what may have been my favorite bloody mary ever]

i'm sure you all have noticed my intermittent blog posting as of this year. for those who do not know, i've started my grad school program! and let me tell you, it is keeping me busy, and then some. honestly, i love what i'm learning and it feels really great to be back in an educational environment. i'm one of those people who loves the classroom and the opportunity to absorb completely new information. but, in the meantime, i'm sorry to say the trend of here and there posting may continue (apologies in advance!). 

trust me though, i am missing blogging like crazy. but balancing working, school, life, and blog is...whew! so, i felt like it was time i share a little of the in between moments that have happened since the start of school. i hope y'all enjoy :)

[skate party]

[i love when these three are together]

[what most of my time is spent doing...eep!]

[treat yo self]

[the coolest shop i've seen, hands down]

[hunky heartthrobs]

[surprise birthday treat]

[double date]

[cheers to 31!]

[thinking of my wishes for this year]

[a cozy date]

[the cutest parents]


[my dudes]

Friday, March 9, 2018


[teensy details]

even with the thunder snow occurring in the northeastern part of the country there's a feeling that spring is just around the corner. all of the trees are ready to burst and i am eager to sport short sleeves and skirts again. is anyone else starting to feel the spring fever itch? as far as my state is concerned, we have a tiny burst of cool weather left before warmer temps are headed our way. i cannot wait!

[celebrating all the good moments, no matter how small]

[a great date with a cute husband]

[my favorite kind of birthday treat]

[a couple of giggly goofs]

[perfectly crispy skin...mmm]

Monday, March 5, 2018


a couple of weekends back, T put together a little birthday dinner party for my 31st with a few of my closest gal pals. it was a pajama-themed party over a deliciously planned dinner courtesy of T and mike. everything about it was absolutely perfect - i mean, who doesn't love celebrating with their loved ones while eating great food in your pjs?

[wine ever flowing]

[first course: michael's salmon chowder served with rosé]

the gals and i couldn't have been more impressed with T and michael's culinary skills. between the two of them, they whipped up some of my favorite foods with such blew me away. 

[second/main course: lamb roast served with garlic mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts with bacon]

[last, but certainly not least, course: funfetti fruity pebbles cake]

[blowing out my candles]

once dinner and dessert wrapped up, the guys headed out to relax after all their hard work while us gals hung in. we decided to keep the fun going so we treated ourselves to a little mask action while watching princess bride (kathy's never seen it!).  

[love these gals]

a huge thanks to T and michael for treating me and my gals to such a beautiful night, and thanks to my sweet friends for coming out to celebrate. 

Friday, March 2, 2018


this past tuesday i came another year around the sun and turned 31. it feels so strange to think about me ten years ago finally getting to hit the bar scene and partake in cocktails...still trying to figure out who i was and where my life was going and what i wanted to do with it. flash forward ten years to a much more settled version of myself with a sense of purpose and drive. it really is like they say that you feel more yourself in your thirties. it's like i'm more relaxed and at home in my own skin. that being said, i still of course wrestle with doubt, nerves, and anxiety now that i am tackling grad school (eep!! and eek! at the same time). but, still, a sense that i am on the path of where i want to go and i know exactly who i am/want to be. 

here's to 31! i cannot wait to see what i can do with this year :)

Friday, February 23, 2018

weekend plans

[one of my favorite wines]

last weekend was such a blast. T and i don't typically partake in going out to celebrate valentine's day, but this year we decided to switch things up a bit. after learning a friend of T's was going to perform her first musical gig that friday, we invited candace + daniel to come down for a little couple date. 

[the gals (above) and the gents (below)]

not only did T's friend absolutely kill it at her first performance, we enjoyed a great night over delicious food, wine, and beautiful company. 

[my dapper date]

saturday night, T and i set out for the classic valen-dine date where we got to check out a new (to me) restaurant, amazingly unique courses, live jazz band, and the coziest atmosphere that was perfect for a romantic rendezvous. to say we left with both full stomachs and hearts would be a huge understatement. 

[horchata cheesecake with a biscoff cookie crust, olive oil ice cream, and a chocolate + salted caramel tart with a vanilla bean crust]

sunday evening, we shared a beautifully sweet dinner with my parents and brother over freshly made pasta, wine, and loads of laughs. it was the best ending to a great weekend filled with love from friends, family, and a certain cute baldy.

[pasta much garlic + bacon]

Monday, February 19, 2018


[smells like fruity loops]

T and i finally got around to seeing a few movies and tv shows we'd been wanting to check out. oddly enough, each of them were thought-provoking in their own way. if you get the chance/time, please check out: 
  • altered carbon - a murder mystery set in the future where people are digitized and stored (the internal selves and their body). it brought to light a lot of ideas about the concepts of death and the soul as well as a plethora of ethical issues. it was so, so good.
  • colonia - emma watson plays a woman who's boyfriend is captured by a well-connected cult called colonia dignidad who are known for torturing and killing those against the chilean military coup of 1973. in order to save him, she joins the cult in hopes of finding him and escaping. this movie was incredibly intense, and based on true events that occurred in chile. it was an emotional, nerve-racking ride and i can't recommend it enough. 
  • when we first met - a hilarious rom-com that takes a step off of the beaten path in learning about fate, love, and how interconnected we are. for once, a rom-com about a girl falling for the wrong guy that doesn't follow the standard refreshing, goofy, and sweet. even T liked it!

[cozy soup for cold days]

[the kindest reminder from my soul sisters]

[ice cream break]

[saying goodbye to my favorite guide dog who was retiring]

[the most delicious morning bun]

Monday, February 12, 2018


last, but certainly not least, on our trip out to portland was the wedding of our sweet friends brian and nicki. it really is so wonderful to see two kind-hearted people embark on this chapter in their lives together. plus, i just love seeing two cultures coming together - in this case, persian and american. nicki was sweet enough to explain all of the persian customs and imagery involved in advance so we could follow along during the ceremony. 

[adding sweetness to their marriage (jana and i got to partake in this as well!)]

after feeding each other sweets, the presentation of gifts by their families, and the kiss, they were pronounced husband and wife! it was such a beautiful moment and i'm so happy we were there to witness it...well, T was performing groomsman duties with michael, but you get what i mean :) 

[wives club]

[post-ceremony cocktail hour]

[the newest member of the husbands crew]

[bridal party entrance]

[the newly announced mr & mrs harting]

[saffron-flavored rock candy]

once the entire bridal party made their entrance, it was time for the newlywed's first persian music, of course. their moves, their smiles, and the music were amazing. 

[my hunky date]

the rest of the evening was filled with loads more dancing, food, cheering, a knife dance (yes, you heard me right), far too many goofy photo booth pictures, and a confetti-filled farewell to the happy couple. we couldn't be happier for you both, and are so happy we got to be a part of y'all's special day!

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